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Pennysaver Advertising

The NYC Pennysaver owns over 20 penny saver platforms, if you are looking to advertising in any of our platforms you can choose from the list below, there is also a detailed step by step set of instructions to help walk you through the process, or you can give us a call and on of our representatives would be happy to help guide you.

If you are looking to advertising on the our main site right here on NYC Pennysaver itself, please give us a call directly at (212) 461-0124 and we can also talk to you about different pricing. Below is also a layout of various ad sizes, you can submit your own or talk to us about creating one for you.

Online Advertising

One of the fastest ways to reach a large audience

Web Banners, Social Media, Classifieds

Let us create an online advertising campaign for you today!

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Print Advertising

One of the oldest and still very effective form of promoting!

Print & Branding

When it comes to print and branding media, The Pennysaver knows how to deliver.

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Commercial Advertising

On Television or even on Radio we can something your audience would love

TV, Radio, Billboard

With our strong background in media production, allow us to create something inspiring for you!

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Broadcast Design

Full broadcast design promotionals

Graphic On Air or OnLine Design

If you are looking to create a graphical promotion for your business we have just the right fit.

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If you are looking to run an advertising campaign for your business, the best place to start is asking yourself a few questions, and then a few things to consider before requesting a quote.

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Things To Consider

      • Who is the audience you are trying to reach within your marketing or advertising, and is your objective to sell to them or explain to them?
      • What kind of budget do you have to work with?
      • What platforms are you interested in releasing it on – the web, tv, conference, etc?
      • What is the overall message you are trying to get across?
      • What kind of marketing or advertising campaign you like done?
      • Do you have a specific vision in mind?
      • How many locations would you like captured in your marketing and advertising campaign?
      • Do you need additional artwork or motion graphics of any kind to enhance your marketing or advertising efforts?